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Researchers, students and practitioners across disciplines and departments come together in this seminar/web seminar series to discuss global health challenges and solutions with internal and external speakers. Organization: Stefan Kohler. Click here and here for information about other global health events at the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health.

Summer Term 2020 Web Seminar

07.05.2019 Covid-19: What We Should Have, Could Have, but Did Not Learn from HIV'

(12:00‒13:00 web seminar) Professor Alan Whiteside, School of International Policy and Governance, Wilfrid Laurier University & Balsillie School of International Affairs, Waterloo Ontario

Working on a global health topic? We are inviting presentations for the summer term 2020. Please contact Stefan.Kohler (at) uni-heidelberg.de with a short summary of the work you would like to present.

Winter Term 2019/20

20.11.2019 Impact of Air Pollution on Health Across the Lifespan in Mongolia

(12:00‒13:00 K11) Professor David Warburton, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, University of Southern California

29.11.2019 Advancing Human Health in the Era of Climate Change and Planetary Health: Lessons and Experiences from the Philippines

(12:00‒13:00 K17) Dr. Renzo Guinto, PH Lab, Philippines & Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp

Directions on Campus (map)

The Global Health (GH) seminars and the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health are on the Campus Im Neuenheimer Feld (INF) of Heidelberg University.

GH seminars are often from noon to 13 pm in the Marsilius-Arkaden, South Tower, INF 130.2, 1st floor, rooms 203–205 (K16–K18). The Marsilius-Arkaden are a complex of three high-rise buildings on the new campus of Heidelberg University. Please enter through the West Tower (INF 130.3) which is the main building with a cafeteria, go to first floor and then use the outdoor bridge to the South Tower (INF 130.2).

The Heidelberg Institute of Global Health is located at different sites on the new campus of Heidelberg University. Most offices are in the Marsilius-Arkaden, West Tower, INF 130.3, 6th floor.